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Famous Farm House Brands.

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Who We Are

Famous Farm House Brands Limited Produces & Markets a wide range of healthy tinned food, food seasoning, snacks, dehydrated vegetables and beverages.

Our Vision

To become Africa’s leading foods manufacturing company focused on gaining market leadership through innovative products, operational excellence and strategic partnerships.

Our Mission

To influence foods ingredients trend by continuously providing wholesome products that do tangible value and excitement to family dishes towards facilitating business sustainability.

Our Products.

We offer a broad range of products i.e. Snacks(potatoe crips,sweet potatoe crips,cassava crisp) , Nuts(curry nuts,chilli nuts and sweet chili nuts) ,We also supply Tinned Foods(Beens, Beef,Sardine) and Mixed Fruits

Why Choose Us

Enjoy the following benefits from our products.:

100% African Ingredients

We have searched Zambia to find and use only the best GMO-free maize and produce.

Biologically Safe

We have a good understanding of hygiene requirement during the processing and packaging of food products.


We have scoured Zambia to bring you only the best and diverse produce.

100% Organic

We have scoured Zambia to find and use only natural , clean ingredients and the best GMO-free produce.

Our Values

We ensure the following:

We are passionate about our customer’s needs.


Our business is, and shall evidently be seen by all to operate on the highest level of ethical standards with the total aversion to substandard processes and suspicions business transactions.


We focus on manufacturing the most wholesome food products through excellent production procedures to ensure quality and healthy living.


To influence food ingredients trend, we pro-actively research changing tastes and lifestyles then respond with innovative products that define food choices for today and tomorrow.

Client’s Feedback

experiencs of some our customer’s.