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Your order can take up to 3 working days, or it might get delivered the same day. It really depends on when you order and in what area we happen to be doing deliveries at that time.

We have plenty of stock ready in store, so you can just walk in and choose from our wide variety of products in store.

Ndola, Kitwe, Lusaka, Chingola, Chililabombwe and Kabwe.

Delivery Information

Yes, we believe that freezing meat is the best way to preserve the flavour and freshness. Our lamb and pork is vacuum sealed and freshly frozen within 4 days of being butchered and our beef immediately after being dry aged. All products are then kept below -18 degrees until sold to you.

Yes, all our lamb, beef and pork is free range. Each product comes with a traceability number, and we are able to trace the meat back to its origin.

No, our meat is from free range farming and none of the animals receive any growth hormones and stimulants or any routine antibiotics.

No, we cut the same amount of meat from each lamb, a heavier box would simply mean that the box was cut from a heavier lamb and that your meat will be larger. If you prefer larger meats, we recommend you go for the heavier boxes.

Any other questions?

Please send your inquiry to info@famousfarmhouse.com

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